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The number of yearly bait station assessments is determined by the item label. Likewise, with a termite baiting system, if you stop your agreement, then the company normally removes the stations or simply stops servicing them. Depending on when your house was last cured (and with what chemical), rather most likely you will be entrusted little, if any, chemical defense versus termites and you may well require to have your house pulled back traditionally at some time.


Take this point into consideration when making your decision. If you choose that you choose the baiting system approach, make certain that your contract consists of an annual inspection of your house. No chemical termite treatment, whether it's a liquid or a bait system, is going to be 100% reliable every time.

A yearly examination of your home is critical make certain that the bug control company supplies one. The info presented here is not meant as an endorsement of one bait item over another or for the usage of the baits over liquid termiticides. As with any termite control product, we suggest that you Check out all offered literature about the item and make certain that you understand how the item works and what assurance(s) the insect control company will offer to secure your home from additional termite attack and damage.

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All of the currently authorized termite bait items are registered for "standalone" usage, i. e., as the sole methods of controlling the termites. Some bug control companies might recommend that they initially deal with the soil with a liquid (if possible) to stop present termite activity in your house either to the immediate location of termite activity (i.

Prior to signing a contract for any termite treatment, ensure that you comprehend what control approaches will be utilized and to what level each is serving in safeguarding your home and the extra expense of combined approaches (versus the use of either a bait or liquid treatment alone). Listed below, you will discover information about the common baiting/monitoring systems signed up for use in North Carolina by insect control professionals.

The mention here of particular products is not an endorsement of any one product over another or of baiting being better or even worse than a liquid treatment. The details is here to provide you with basic understanding of termite baiting and to allow you to pursue extra info before making a decision on how to continue in protecting your home: Exterra Termite Interception and Baiting System (Ensystex) Exterra uses inground monitoring-baiting system.

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When termites are found feeding upon the interceptors in the station, the bait matrix is placed into the station's main cavity. The bait, Maze, is a Click here cellulose-based material which contains the insect development regulator "diflubenzuron". Exterra can be utilized by itself, although localized ("area") treatments with liquid termiticides are frequently utilized when the stations are set up.