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The number of annual bait station inspections is determined by the item label. Also, with a termite baiting system, if you stop your contract, then the business generally gets rid of the stations or merely stops servicing them. Depending on when your house was last cured (and with what chemical), rather most likely you will be entrusted little, if any, chemical security against termites and you may well need to have your house pulled away traditionally at some time.

Take this point into consideration when making your choice. If you decide that you choose the baiting system approach, make certain that your contract includes an annual evaluation of your house. No chemical termite treatment, whether it's a liquid or a bait system, is going to be 100% reliable each time.

A yearly assessment of your house is crucial make sure that the pest control company provides one. The information presented here is not intended as a recommendation of one bait item over another or for the usage of the baits over liquid termiticides. Similar to any termite control item, we recommend that you Read all offered literature about the product and make certain that you understand how the product works and what guarantee(s) the pest control business will offer to safeguard your house from more termite attack and damage.